Town Hall Meeting of the Fremont County Assembly

Of the Wyoming State Assembly

When:                         On Saturday the 8th of January from 10:00AM to 3:00PM

Where:                         in Riverton, Wyoming at the Chandelle Event Center

3445 Chandelle Blvd (Close to the Airport )



Call to Order:                                                                                     Bill Snapp (Coordinator)

Opening Prayer:

Bivens Decision 3X:

Purpose: To introduce one and all to our County, State, and National Assemblies and the true

Structure of our government as set up by our founding fathers. A government by “WE                    THE PEOPLE”.

How to reclaim our birthright (live person) status thereby regaining our constitutional rights and treaty rights.

How about a Debt-Credit money system having to zero out – the credit side of the

system was found in a DOD account with over 21 trillion in it.

How about Two New Banks – The Global Family Bank (a sovereign international

Trade bank) and it’s wholly-owned subsidiary, The Global Family Bank of Commerce

L A W represents our Land, Sea and Air jurisdictions of government.

What is a Strawmen account??? How many do you have?

Old Business:  Need a Secretary.

New Business: Reports by Justice, Chairman, Info Person, etc. ,   Coordinator (I found some of Anna’s articles on a Thumb Drive she put out quite sometime ago – good ones).  We are needing to get a State Account set up for incoming funds – Sign in America ?

Pass the Hat:  The room is $150.00

Questions and answers:

Break at noon, Bring your own lunch. The center has a kitchen and coffee pots.

Presentation of David Straight material .

Paperwork for those signing up and more discussion.

Adjourn — Next meeting the second Saturday of February 2022