Wyoming State Assembly Meeting

10:30 AM to 3:00 PM, Saturday, January 15, 2022

Riverton, Wyoming — Brunton Bldg.  2255 Brunton Court, Suite A



Our Zoom is working – Thanks to Matthew!!

Call to Order:                                                                 Coordinator – Bill

Opening Prayer:                                                            Dana

Bivens Decision:                                                            Bob

WELCOME Members and Guests:  We are up to 20 members recorded (15 on the way),   Protocol – Let us say “May I” to be recognized on the floor, (3 minutes) and “I yield” when done. With our increase in membership this should let everyone have a say!!

READING of the minutes:                                               Jennifer

TREASURERS report:  Will combine Dec. And Jan. To be read in Jan.  by  Nora

PURPOSE: To conduct Wyoming State Assembly business.

OLD BUSINESS: Update on eligible voters.  How about a Security Team (One of the Four Pillars),   We still need to do Background Checks on some of our officers. Still no Seals or Stamps,

NEW BUSINESS: Do affirmation for Susan, Get going on LRS Training, Sign in America training, Background checks.

Hopefully we will have a copy of the original Constitution to sign!

Send in (or bring) copies of paperwork so we have physical (digital) evidence of Assembly eligibility!!!!!  How are your Travel Kits coming along?

Discuss new requirements for Sign in America reimbursements.

PASS the HAT: Room rent is $50.00

Questions and Answers:

Adjourn for Lunch at 12:00

Reconvene at 1:00

Update on David Straight by Jennifer Michael, —-

Help with paperwork.


Next Meeting on February 19th, 2022 in Casper/Riverton ?

Please let me know, from those of you from the Eastern part of the state,  —  Who would attend a meeting in Casper in person and who would rather use Zoom? For those wanting to do paperwork, I can attend a local meeting rather than tie up our business meeting time.