Counties Map

Oregon Coordinators

Tritia Marie Phillips, Carrie Abel


Land Area Ranked 9th

• Total 98,381 sq mi (254,806 km2)
• Width 400 miles (640 km)
• Length 360 miles (580 km)
• % water 2.4
• Latitude 42° N to 46° 18′ N
• Longitude 116° 28′ W to 124° 38′ W

Before statehood Oregon Territory 

Admitted to the Union February 14, 1859 (33rd)

Metes and Bounds

In order that the boundaries of the State may be known and established, it is herby ordained and declared that the State of Oregon, shall be bounded as follows to wit; Beginning one marine league at sea, due west from the point where the forty second parallel of North latitude intersects the same; thence Northerly at the same distance from the line of the coast, lying west and opposite the State including all islands within the jurisdiction of the United States to a point due west and opposite the middle of the North Ship Channel of the Columbia River; thence Easterly to and up the middle channel of said River, and when it is divided by islands, up the middle of the widest channel thereof, and in like manner up the main channel of Snake River, to the Mouth of the Owyhee River; thence due South to the parallel of latitude forty two degrees North; thence west, along said parallel to the place of beginning, including jurisdiction in civil and criminal cases upon the Columbia River, and Snake River, concurrently with States and Territories of which those Rivers form a boundary in common with this State.
But the Congress of the United States, in providing for the admission of this State into the Union, may make the said Northern boundary, conform to the act creating the Territory of Washington.

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