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Land Area Ranked 15th

• Total 82,278[2] sq mi (213,100 km2)
• Land 81,759[2] sq mi (211,754 km2)
• Water 520[2] sq mi (1,346 km2) 0.6[3]%
• Length 213[4] mi (343 km)
• Width 410[4] mi (660 km)
• Latitude 37° N to 40° N
• Longitude 94° 35′ W to 102° 3′ W

Before statehood Kansas Territory,

Admitted to the Union January 29, 1861 (34th)

Metes and Bounds

We, the people of Kansas, grateful to Almighty God for our civil and religious privileges, in order to insure the full enjoyment of our rights as American citizens, do ordain and establish this constitution of the state of Kansas, with the following boundaries, to wit:
Beginning at a point on the western boundary of the state of Missouri, where the thirtyseventh parallel of north  latitude crosses the same; thence running west on said parallel to the twenty-fifth meridian of longitude west from Washington; thence north on said meridian to the fortieth parallel of north latitude; thence east on said parallel to the western boundary of the state of Missouri; thence south with the western boundary of said state to the place of beginning.

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