2023 March:

2023 January: Federation Updated Notice of Intent-Fee Schedule that includes the combined Federal and Municipal codes.

Witness Testimony of 2-Two living men/women, over the lawful age of 21, that have known you for at least 7 years:


ZIP Files:

Status Correction Documents found on TASA – Correct Your Status:

Chart Your Course Documents found on TASA:

  • Revocation of Election to Pay Taxes DC & NY
  • Military Retirement
  • 928s:
    • Deed of Reconveyance, or Conveyance-born on another Country – Claims all Names/NAMES
    • Certificate of Assumed Names – Claims all Names/NAMES, and Business Trade Names
    • Acts of Expatriation-Set of 3 per NAME used
    • Cancellation of Prior POAs-1 per Name used
    • Mandatory FSIA-Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act – c
    • Paramount Claim
  •  Updated Final Fee Schedule

AFTER COURSE STATUS CORRECTION – (US Citizens can be penalized) Other Templates:

For Work and Employers: