Withholding and Taxes

Today is Friday, 26th of February, 2021 and It’s a Great Day here on the Land of Indiana!

Many have come to me soon after just beginning this journey wanting to get their employer to stop taking Payroll taxes from their earnings.

Please be clear. If you are not completely clear in what your standing is and how it works, don’t take this on until you have more knowledge. It is still Your decision, Not Mine, whether you attempt to take on the employer or not. Some may accept the w4 changes, but most will not. Some will even engage an attorney, as they do not have the correct knowledge either.

Also worthy of noting, is that to stay peaceful, stop looking at these things as an argument, battle, attack, or other similar terms. The correct response is to ‘Rebut the Presumption.’ If you are clear and hold the knowledge of your standing, through completed documentation, that Includes Mailing Cancellation Letters, then you can provide supporting documentation of your Declared Political Status.

If your first effort seems as a ‘failure’ and you choose to quit, then you are not ready to make this Life-Style Change at this time. Otherwise, you will come to see rejects as a challenge for you to do more ‘Homework’ – a series of exercises that will cause you to take some form of action.

How you handle yourself is always a Clear indication of your level of maturity to take these bad actors on. They have been playing these games alot longer than you have been alive. You are wanting to stop paying them underserved money…that Bites to them too! Being Clear in your mind as to Who you are will lead you in the right and correct direction of how to respond.

Always do Your Homework First BEFORE you can even begin to expect them to make changes. You have to Present Yourself as a man/woman that is in the knowledge of who you are and that you are able to handle yourself peaceable, while correctly upholding the Public Law.

If your First response it to Blow Back at me, then go back and do your Homework, as I did not Force, Bully, or Strong-Arm You to start something you were not prepared to handle at this time.

Aiding you in your Homework is the where you enter a keyword search. Always start here!

Here are some Anna Articles I found using the Keyword Search Terms of: Payroll Taxes

[PDF] Article 851 Service and Taxation 

[PDF] Article 253 Revocation of Election to Pay Income Tax — Unanswered Letters 12 — For Princess 

[PDF] Article 1607. To Comfort You 

Here is another great tool to assist you in your learning: NOTE: This includes information relative to an Indemnity Bond process. You are NOT creating your own in this process, as Anna has already created the Indemnity Bond that is valid for All Mankind on the Land and has already Cured. If you do not know what the term Cured means, Look it up!

Think of it this way…are you trying to Transfer your poor behavior or lack of knowledge onto others, which will only come back around until you figure it out, or are you Ready to Transmute the issues and live in Peace here on earth?

The main take away from all of this is that You have to Self-Govern Yourself!

Be Safe.

Peace through Grace,
by: Kristine Michelle Bundy©
I am a Living Woman with Inherited Sovereignty born on Florida.
All Rights Reserved – Without Prejudice.
Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals and Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents.