There are three (3) reasons for you to take this message to heart. First, your country is at risk and needs you. Second, your countrymen are at risk and they need you. Third, your own future is at risk and you need to take action for your own sake. Aug. 4, 2020

The Jural Assembly Handbook-Anna Von Reitz 2019 Pg. 1: “Jural Assemblies are organizational units of land and soil jurisdiction courts.” “States are geographically defined areas that are under the control of Public Laws established by the people who live within their borders. States are unincorporated land and soil jurisdiction entities run as unincorporated businesses. States have very simple names: Ohio, Rhode Island, Maine, Florida, Wisconsin, and so on.” “In America, these States are joined together in a Union called a “Federation”. The Federation is also unincorporated and is called “The United States of America”. It was founded September 9, 1776.” Pg. 3: “A Jural Assembly has Offices. All of these Offices are held in behalf of unincorporated business entities and are unincorporated Offices. Those Offices include the local Town and County Sheriffs entrusted with enforcement of the Public Law, the land jurisdiction State Judges (properly called “Justices”) and the soil jurisdiction County Court Justices known as “Justices of the Peace”. It also includes Court Clerks, Recorders, Bondsmen, Deputies, Public Notaries and Coroners.” “All of these Offices are elected by members of the Jural Assembly who are qualified Jurors making up the Jury Pool from which all Trial and Grand Juries are drawn by lot.” “All land and soil jurisdiction courts operate under the provisions of “American Common Law”. We do not practice Equity Law which is a hybrid of English Common Law and Admiralty Law.”