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2022-Apr25: Recording Part 1 and Part 2

2022-Apr18: Recording 1 and Recording 2

2022-Apr11: Recording

2022-Apr04: Recording

2022-Mar28: Recording

2022-Mar21: Recording

2022-Mar14: Recording

2022-Mar07: Recording

  • 12 Stat. at Large Chapter 71 , Sec 23
    Federal offense to charge additional postage

2022-Feb28: Recording and Chat

2022-Feb21: Recording and Chat

2022-Feb14: Recording

  • W8 Certificate of Foreign Status – Blank
  • W8 Certificate of Foreign Status – Template

2022-Feb07: Recording

2022-Jan25: Recording

2022-Jan18: Recording

  • Topics:
    • The Standard IRS response
    • The Purpose of Voter Registration, and Why to Cancel.
    • Credit Unions
    • Mattermost
    • Claiming Personal Property

2022-Jan11: No Recording