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Current Training Calls:


February 19th:


22Apr26: New Member Orientation Part 1 and Part 2

22Apr19: New Member Orientation

22Apr12: New Member Orientation

22Apr05: New Member Orientation

22Mar29: New Member Orientation

22Mar22: New Member Orientation Part 1 and Part 2

22Mar08: New Member Orientation

22Mar01: New Member Orientation and Chat

22Feb22: New Member Orientation

22Feb15: New Member Orientation

22Feb08: New Member Orientation

    1.  1779 Declaration of Naturalization
    2.  2-Two Witness Testimonies – 21+ years of age that has known you for at least 7 years.
    3.  1 Copy of Birth Certificate
    4.  SIA Study Course – if wanting Vendor Card Service –
    5. Credentials, if desired

22Feb01: New Member Orientation

22Jan24: New Member Orientation

22Jan17: New Member Orientation

21Dec13: New Member Orientation

21Nov29: New Member Orientation

21Nov22: New Member Orientation

21Nov08: Recording and Call Details and Links



2021-11September Recording:

2021-04September Recording:


  1. Pick a Space
  2. Round up all the Ink Pens in Your space:)
  3. Sort the colors.
  4. What color Ink pens do you have?
  5. Through out all of the Black Ink pens, except for 1-2 working.
  6. Test and Keep Working Blue, Red, and other color Ink pens.

2021-28August Recording:

****Exercise: Create a process that supports your daily reprogramming and practice you handwritten autograph. Share with us on next week’s call:)

****Challenge: Purchase this book from

Additional Documents shared from Allen County:

2021-21August Recording:

  • Video
  • Transcript
  • Letters from Anna for Everyone to mail:
    • The letters are all complete, no need to add any additional verbiage.
    • Just add your Name, address, and autograph-include b: and c), do not need thumbprint.
    • Corrections! See Italian address and video links to more information.

    • Use STAMPS!!! No Metered or Barcode Postage, as they will Not ‘See’ anything other than the STAMP.

    • Send either Registered Mail-Preferred for Land & Soil Jurisdiction, ps3817 Certificate of Mailing-not the same as Certified mail, and/or email will support proof of mailing
    • Share with as many as possible to mail too!

2021-14 August Recording:

2021-07 August Recording:

2021-31 July Recording:

2021-24 May Recording:

Video Presentation: 1-NewMemberOrientation

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