Anna is asking us to send these notices to the people on the list in article 3733. Pick one or 2 people, print the notices as is and send registered mail. Conflict of Law: If having court issues, should send to clerk.

Moreover, see Anna’s webinar from the 20th of June, 2022 and do Not use the Title of the derelict Office holder and remove them from the Office Now!

  1. Notice of Conflict at Law
  2. A Brief Explanation to the World – The Donors, the Middlemen, and You
  3. Public and International Notice to the World Bank and All Affiliates
  4. Public and International Notice to the Bar Associations — 30 Day Warning
  5. Public and International Notice — Second Notice
  6. Public and International Notice: Proof of Treason and Sabotage
  7. Public and International Notice: How the Entire World (Almost) Became Indebted to America
  8. Public and International Notice of Trespass and Breach of Trust
  9. About Public and International Notice — and Obama’s Activities

Washington State Invokes Milligan Exparte! 

Are You Ready to be a member of the Indiana Jury Pool, so that Indiana can Invoke as well?

  • Indianans currently living on Indiana at least a year and a day, email [email protected], and an Indiana State Recording Secretary will connect with you to complete that process.


These are Indiana Templates, update with your personal details. Be sure to read and edit for correctness as appropriate, as it is Your Name, and Your Actions. Send Registered Mail as You are conducting business with the EMPLOYEES:


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2021Oct 26: Military-Updated 10th of January, 2022

Letters In Review/Rewrite:

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