Step 1:

Create your Indiana Assembly Land Recording Office, L.R.O., member record at

Why You Do Want to Create Your Own Member Record:

  • Connects You to the Assembly Recording Secretaries, and the state coordinator.
  • Connects You to Assembly Communications about Paperwork support Training Calls, Common Law Training, Monthly Town Halls, Quarterly State Assembly & Town Hall Meetings, Militia-Community Emergency Response Training, Jury Pool Training & Service, and so forth.
  • Serves as a Land Recorded Publishing, and stores your electronic copies of status record.
  • Gaines you access to the Free ASN Mattermost tool, provided by the Federation for Papered Up Nationals on Your State, and all across the America, to connect and share information.

For the L.R.O. Member Record Creation:

Your Land Recorder’s Email:

Your State Coordinator’s Email: [email protected]

  • Enter all of your current information.
  • Upload a Passport quality photo.
  • Upload your red Right thumbprint.
    • Locate a Red ink pad.
    • Get a clean white sheet of paper.
    • Make your Right thumbprint on the paper, with your thumb straight up, as you are Standing Up!

Step 2:

Connect with Recording Secretary for your area:

  1. Upload the following to your Recording Secretary: (If tech issues, email to [email protected])
    • Birth Certificate, and/or supporting documentation – Verifies you were born on the Land and where = Your Nationality
    • Current Photo ID/DL – Verifies Your Identity
    • Anything else you may have ready to present, see Step 3
  2. Email, or reply to, your Recording Secretary to bring up to speed where you are at the process, and how best to support you
  3. Prepare Status Correction Paperwork:

Step 3:

Commit to Recording and Publishing Your Status Correction:

Schedule with, and Pay, your Recording Secretary for Services:

  • Services:
    • Document Preparation Service
    • Witnessing & Recording
    • Recording Only – already Notarized
    • Publishing
  • Items with ‘NoCo’ in the Service Name are for Northern Indiana Counties.
  • Items with ‘SoCo’ in the Service Name are for Southern Indiana Counties.

Step 4:

Construct the Indiana Assembly back into the dejur Republic 

  • Armor Up Your Knowledge – Trainings, Town Halls, and Assembly Calls
  • Armored Up Nationals – Town Hall Organizers, Training Instructors
  • Armored Up Citizens – Elected Officers, Jury Pool, and Militia Peacekeepers