Indiana Action Makers

Purpose of Committee: To work together to Create action items that supports Assembly members in finding their place within the Assembly. To develop Outreach and Training events and starter support tools to bring on new members to support the Assembly’s build mission. This Committee is for Active Participants Only in Service to the Greater mission to Make America Great Again, through the Peaceful and Lawful Actions of those with Standing on the Land & Soil Jurisdiction.. This is NOT for you if your intention is to be that ‘fly on the wall,’ or big talker and no action time-wasters, or hoping to take over the call for remedy support, or not available when needed, or the like.

Committee Participants: Indiana Nationals, that are Assembly members-presented Status Correction to the Assembly, that includes the minimum of 1779 Declaration of Naturalization-2 Witness Testimonies-BC-Cancel VR-Baby Deed(s?), willing to not just commit to support, but to actually follow through with the commitments of their personal time and resources that encourages the positive, organic, and community growth within the Assembly. Participants bring their own resources to the table to support the bigger mission, rather than waiting for some external ‘funding source’ to present before any action can be taken. While we are Not here to make money, costs are still involved to provide the services, and is not correct behavior to expect all the costs to be covered by one. Living as Free Americans does not mean we give away the kitchen sink for free. The defacto partnered nonprofits provide Free Services and Tools. Consider making a monthly gift to buffer the costs.

Tuesdays 6pm Central – 7pm Eastern