Updated 14th of July, 2022:

Current Assembly Officials, and those Up for Election:

Background Check Required for All Armored Up Nationals Stepping Up into Roles that handles Money, working with Records and other Assembly Assets, and Peacekeeping Officials: Clearcheck or Truthfinder for Background Check Presented by National to the Vetting Committee [email protected] .

Roles with * require an added Financial/Credit check to the background check, see within the ordering process.

Roles with *** will need many to Step Up.

Current focus is building the core State level, and the larger populated Counties.

Email Your Request for Office to

The Indiana Assembly – Records  Committee [email protected]

A current Assembly Recording Secretary will connect with you to validate your qualifications, and support adding you to the upcoming ballot.

The Call to Actual Public Office and Anna’s The Jural Assembly Handbook give more details about the office duties and responsibilities.

  • State Coordinator, by the Federation of States since 2019, Kristine Bundy©TM

***Elected State Recording Secretaries:

Requires Armored Up Member to Step Up:

  • State Assembly Moderator
  • State Assembly Chairman
  • State Assembly Vice Chairman
  • State Assembly Secretary
  • *State Assembly Recording Secretaries-Assembly Vote
  • *State Assembly Treasurer-Assembly Vote
  • *State Assembly Librarian
  • *State Assembly Coroner
  • *State Assembly Recorder-Assembly Vote
  • *State Assembly Notary-Assembly Vote


  • State Outreach Coordinator
  • ***County Outreach Coordinator
  • State Town Hall Coordinator
  • ***County Town Hall Coordinator


  • State Marshal at Arms
  • State Militia Coordinator
  • ***County Milita Coordinator
  • Continental Marshal- Federal
  • ***Sheriff-Assembly Vote
  • State Veterans Coordinator
  • ***County Veterans Coordinator


  • ***Jurors
  • State Jury Pool Coordinator
  • ***County Jury Pool Coordinator
  • ***Counselors at Law
  • ***Justice
  • ***Bondsman