The Indiana

DEBT Redemption Center

Pardon the Construction as this has Never been done before!

The Indiana Assembly©, is an unincorporated not for profit community organization informing and educating the General Public with correct bookkeeping procedures to clean up the National ‘DEBT,’ and organically lower the ramifications of the God-less defacto imposed inflation.

The Indiana DEBT Redemption Center© -The D. R. C. is where Indiana State Nationals come for Free Training to support the Redemption of DEBT falsely attributed to your vessel.

What minimum documents are required to be an American State National?

  • Declaration of Naturalization Act of 1779 (placed on The Indiana Assembly record – NOTE: there is ONLY 1 Indiana Assembly, with state coordinator Kristine Bundy, anyone telling you otherwise is misinformed)
  • 2 Witness Testimonies
  • Birth Certificate


*Everyone is self-governing and chooses whether, or not, to take action on the Free Information, and is solely accountable for any consequences-intentional, or unintentional.

*Not for US Citizens, in that can be a ‘FINE’-able, or ‘JAIL’-able, type of consequence. Are you actually a US Citizen? *This is a Grass-roots effort and will continue to go through adjustments, as the processes are fleshed out, given the current conditions in play.

*Do you ‘Have to’ do everything provided in the instructions? No, as this is all on you. However, if you want a different result, then maybe YOU need to be the Better example by doing it correctly. If you are only “half-a$$ing,’ then what do you think you will get in return?


Further Research from Anna’s Articles with search term Accepted for Value Process.

The Return Service Process Go to Anna’s October 24th webinar at the 50:34 – 1:00:08 HERE! for ALL CAP MUNICIPAL items; i.e. SUMMONS

DEBT Redemption Processes:

Not for US Citizens!

2023 March 25:

See New Data and Support Tools 20230207 below for Court lists.

Here is the link to search for Corporate Names on Dun & Bradstreet

You don’t need an account. Just use the Company Search in the upper right hand side. See first image. Search for Judiciary Courts of State Name. Once you have your list displayed, you will need to request the DUNS number of each incorporated entity. See second image. I had to do it 135 times. Kimberly on Texas will need to do it 425 times to get each DUNS number. This is a bit tedious, but it gets results. That compiles your list.

2023 February:

2023 January:

  • The MOCEE and COURTS process have been combined until the more Indianans come forward with the need for the COURT process.
  • Note: There is NO Preparation Service provided for the DEBT Redemption Process. Do NOT mistake the Document Preparation Service as preparing the DEBT Redemption process. You are the ONLY one that is processing your DEBT. The Document Preparation Service is for Status Correction paperwork and does NOT include witnessing, recording, publishing, nor Credentials.
  • Updated DEBT Redemption Zip File – Jan2023 The ‘RESIDENT’ changed the IRS Commissioner, and is reflected in the update Zip File. Note: Does NOT include instructions-see Updated Training next.
  • Updated Training – Jan2023
  • Order the DEBT Redemption Bundle

New Data and Support Tools 20230207:

First Update: January 11th of 2023

2022 Dec:


Key Tips:

  • Switch BILLS to Paper Billing and not an eBill.
  • Prepare to include in your regular monthly tasks of To-Dos.



20221203:Face 2 Face Gathering Gibson County, Indiana

20221105: Face 2 Face Gathering Gibson County, Indiana * First Roll Out of DEBT Redemption Process on Indiana! *

At this time, Anna has 2 Ask Items from You from Ann’s October 17th webinar:

  1. What to Include?
    1. All ‘BILLS’ that is presumed to be ‘OWED’
      1. using the 2-Step Voucher Process Here
      2. include the MONEY ORDER, with your endorsement on the back, see Voucher Process for details
  2. Complete with your details and Include This Letter Template to Claim Reversionary Trust Interest
    1. Example Here about Styles of Name
    2. From the Example, print pages 5-10 about the Name, and Include a copy with the BILLS-Voucher-Money Order to the IRS
    3. Also, mail each BILL COMPANY a copy of the entire BILL, with Voucher and Money Order, and Your Letter to Claim Reversionary Trust Interest educating and informing them that the payment is coming from the US Treasury
    4. Note: Be SMART! It will take time to process the payment, once they do, so continue making payments on the items you need or don’t want to lose. Any over payment amount would be a Credit back to you. For example, you included the Electric bill for 159.23. You still make your payment so the lights stay on. Once the US Treasury makes payment, your electric bill will reflect the over payment.

Regulation Z-COURTS

Have you been a victim of CPS/DCS, a fraudulent Mortgage, IRS judgements, Wage Garnishment(s), BANKRUPTCY(ies)….?

Anna gave a Huge Remedy on her 4th of July, 2022 Monday Webinar!

At approximately the 1:30:00 timestamp to 1:46:22, where Anna states that the Federal Reserve Board established Regulation Z as the Remedy. Since the IRC-Internal Revenue Code does not apply to Nationals, declared, recorded, and published Nationals are exempt from all consequences.

This does Not mean to shout ‘I claim Regulation Z’ for exemption.

Anna goes onto detail a letter for you to put together and where to send: 1. IRS; 2. Bureau of Consular Affairs; 3. US Department of State; 4. the Agencies acting without authority.

Armored Up Nationals and Citizens are able to make this Claim Now!

What is Armored Up?

Americans that have Declared, Recorded, and Published:

  • Birth Certificate
  • 2 Witness Testimonies
    • 1779 Declaration of Naturalization
    • 928s:
      • Acknowledgment and Deed of Re-conveyance (born on an American State)/Conveyance (immigrant from another land)
      • Certificate of Assumed Names (Trademark and Copyright of all your Names/NAMES, authority to operate in Private Trade)
      • Act of Expatriation
      • Cancellation of Prior Power of Attorneys
      • Mandatory Notice-Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act
      • Paramount Claim
    • Notices of Cancellation/Revocation: Note-You are conducting Business by Serving Notice to the EMPLOYEES, Wet Ink Sign the Letter! (Click on Links that are underlined for more information)
      • Cancellation of Voter Registration, with proof of mailing, and/or cancellation
      • Revocation of Taxes IRS DC & NY, includes copy of signed letter and proof of mailing-Postage paid receipt, or USPS stamped with postage and date details on the mailing receipt, and not a photo before sticking in the mailbox (See The Truth About the IRSRevocation of Election to Pay Taxes, and Next Steps After Sending Your Revocation Letters)
      • Declaration of Political Status (Note: this includes a Cover Letter and to be Mailed Registered Mail to the US SEC OF ST to complete this process. Just the Notarized and Recorded Declaration of Political Status does not complete this step.)
      • Severance with all Military branches, if applicable
      • Cancellation/Revocation/Retirement of LICENSES, such as Real Estate License, BAR members, Medical Doctors, and the like (Search License at