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The Jural Assembly Handbook Training Agenda

Excellence of the Common Law Training Agenda

Greetings Indiana Family, and Welcome Home!

We all have work to do Today, and that includes Preparing for Training!

When you Care about someone/thing, you will take the Care to Give them Your Best!

Indianans, with an Indiana Assembly member record in the L.R.O.-Land Recording Office© will automatically Receive email Notifications for these Common Law Training Zoom calls with the link details, the second and fourth Sunday of each month at 12 pm Central – 1pm Eastern. These calls will be ongoing until the material is covered, or the format is no longer effective.

****The Call Schedule is Here.**** Recordings will be posted below, in most recent date order first.

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August, September, and October Calls:

Chapter II: Civil Law: Origin & Growth

§2.2 – Rome: Babylon’s Earliest Influence 77

§ 2.3 Pergamos Deeds Babylonian Power to Rome 84

§ 2.4 Cities: The Babylonian Order’s Central Trait 89

§ 2.5 Roman Agricultural Order 92

§ 2.6 Emperor Worship 94

§ 2.6.1 Molech Worship 96

§ 2.6.2 Julius Cæsar & Emperor Worship 100

§ 2.7 Development of Roman Government: An Overview 103

§ 2.7.1 Pontifex Maximus, Patrician & Consul 106

§ 2.7.2 Praetor, Judex & Jurisconsult 110

§ 2.7.3 Early Civil Law Training & Method 116

§ 2.7.4 The Writings of Gaius 120

§ 2.7.5 Civil Law Claims Scripture’s Title 123

§ 2.7.6 Justinian’s Code: Civil Law Compiled 125

§ 2.8 Civil Law Spawns the Imperial Church 128

§ 2.8.1 Holy Roman Empire 134

§ 2.8.2 The Imperial Church Claims Justinian’s Code 135

§ 2.8.3 Canon Law: Civil Law for the Imperial Church 142 § 2.9 Russia 145

§ 2.10 Asia Minor & Greece 151

§ 2.11 Italy, Spain & France 151

May, June, and July 2022 Calls:

Acknowledgments 15

Preface 17

Chapter I: Introduction

§ 1.1 Threshold Matters 25

§ 1.2 Worth of Legal History 32

§ 1.3 Common Law: Every Man’s Law 39

§ 1.4 Common Law: Tradition of First Principles 42

§ 1.5 Common-Law Ideals Define America 46

§ 1.6 Common Law Reveals America’s Character 50

§ 1.7 Common Law –vs– Civil Law: Introductory Contrast 53

Chapter II: Civil Law: Origin & Growth

§ 2.1 Babylon: Conceived in Civil Law 60

§ 2.1.1 Nimrod & Babylon’s Settlement 65

§ 2.1.2 Nimrod & Civil Law’s Sons of the Sun 70

§ 2.1.3 The Tower of Babel: The First Ziggurat 74

§ 2.1.2 Nimrod & Civil Law’s Sons of the Sun 70

§ 2.1.3 The Tower of Babel: The First Ziggurat 74

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Call Format

Part 1, ~20 minutes, Excellence of the Common Law
5 Minute Break
Part 2, ~ 20 minutes, Jural Assembly Training

Come On Time! 

The Call will Not wait for you to get on, nor will it catch you up once entered. This is Not meant to hurt your feelings, or to be rude in any way. This is meant for everyone to be respectful and cognizant of the volume of material to cover, and mindful to stay within the allotted amount of time.

Do the Homework!

The Mission is bring the dejur republic into full form and function, to Stand for Indianans, by being the State Citizens you were meant to Be. This hasn’t been done in over 160 years, so You don’t have all the answers, regardless of how long you have been on your journey. The Real Value Comes from how much You are Willing to Care about Learning the Material, so that You Can support Indianans correctly and honorably.

Go back to the Recordings, as many times as you need to!

We are all Living wo/men with Families and life’s adventures. While being on the Call at the time brings the most value to your learning process, life does have its way of showing itself, regardless of your plans. Don’t let this Stop you from Learning!

****Criteria to Come to the Free Training Calls:

  1. Currently Living on Indiana
  2. Have an L.R.O. member record
  3. Willingness to Learn!

****As our work is Aimed to support the Mission of building the State Assembly, and the Indiana People’s Court, Emails and Calls will contain requests for Gifts to support the Technology to keep the Training calls Free for Indianans, and Calls to Action to complete the Papered Up process, the Armored Up process, and to actively Participate with the Jural Assembly and Militia.****

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