DBS-5: 2021Sep27

On 2021-09-27 7:42 pm, wrote:

 Being known as the walking dead or the dead  by cops and the powers in charge is something I learned from Mark Passio. It is interesting and not surprising to read and learn about the dead scam, it is only verifying for me that it is in fact true. These secret societies and mystery cults are all perversions of what is beautiful about all life on this earth. Evil has run amuck and it is our obligation by God to destroy that which is evil.

BM-1: 2021Sep26

On 2021-09-23 7:45 pm, wrote:

Blood Money Part 1, is about the illusion of debt. Over a number of years I came to the conclusion that all of the debt in this country, from individuals to the government cannot be backed by any physical commodity inorder to have value. So, the debt is an illusion. Many times I have wondered, what if i didn’t file my taxes, not pay taxes, not pay credit card debt. What would happen? With the advent of crypto currencies, I thought that this would usher in a way to decentralize the monterey system. But I think that is a fairy tale, maybe. I’m for ending the FED and the IRS. Not sure what else to add, but this article was a good reminder. I am aware the con game in this country would like to be out of it.