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Land Area Ranked 25th

• Total 57,915 sq mi (149,997 km2)
• Land 55,593 sq mi (143,969 km2)
• Water 2,320 sq mi (5,981 km2) 3.99%
• Length 390 mi (628 km)
• Width 210 mi (338 km)
• Latitude 36° 58′ N to 42° 30′ N
• Longitude 87° 30′ W to 91° 31′ W

Before statehood Illinois Territory

Admitted to the Union December 3, 1818 (21st)

Metes and Bounds

The boundaries assigned to such State by the act of Congress aforesaid, which are as follows, to wit: Beginning at the mouth of the Wabash river, thence up the same, and with the line of Indiana to the north-west corner of said State; thence east with the line of the same State to the middle of Lake Michigan; thence north along the middle of the lake, to the north latitude forty-two degrees and thirty minutes; thence west to the middle of the Mississippi river; and thence down along the middle of that river to its confluence with the Ohio river; and thence up the latter river along its north-western shore to the beginning.

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