The Idaho Assembly

We The People on Idaho have answered the call, put forward by The United States of America, to assemble the Fifty union States. The Idaho Assembly is currently in Session. We Idahoans functioning in our capacity as State Citizens are the dejure government on Idaho (land and soil jurisdiction). These are exciting times as We The People assembled do the work we see as necessary to more fully bring forth our rightful republican form of government.

Our Houses and our Homes are permanently Established upon the Land and Soil of Idaho. We are the Priority Creditors to all Contracts held by federal government services contractors and are owed nothing short of good faith services from them without any deviation from such contracts.

Each and Every one of us who are at the work of self-governance have gone through the process of returning to the Land and Soil Jurisdiction of our birth State by correcting our political status. Furthermore, we have chosen to work for the people by assembling our State and Counties as it is our right and our duty to do so in such times as we find ourselves today.

Currently We, the States Assembled, are formulating the process for the Reconstruction of our Republic States which have been found missing since the time of the so-called Civil War.

We are working to help people comprehend what has happened to them, their families and their property and we are making every effort to assist them in securing their good names and estates by helping each one of them correct their own political status. Many hands make the work that much more effective and enjoyable. Consider correcting your political status and joining The Idaho Assembly.

God bless The United States of America and Idaho.