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State Coordinators: Tom Nieman, Isabelle Menozzi

Hello fellow Americans and thank you for contacting The Connecticut Assembly©.

We are grateful you are taking the first steps to correcting your status and participating in your Dejure government: Of the People, By the People and For the People!

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When you are ready to start the process, please click HERE . It will take you to a MegaDrive Folder which includes:
1. Basic paperwork templates for our state and instructions. (Please read carefully)
2. A practical “link’ page and articles from Anna von Reitz to answer many of your questions and concerns
3. Charts and Public Laws

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us!  We are here to help!
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Counties Map


Land Area Ranked 48th

• Total 5,567 sq mi (14,357 km2)
• Land 4,849 sq mi (12,559 km2)
• Water 698 sq mi (1,809 km2) 12.6%
• Length 70 mi (113 km)
• Width 110 mi (177 km)
• Latitude 40°58′ N to 42°03′ N
• Longitude 71°47′ W to 73°44′ W

Before statehood Connecticut Colony

Admitted to the Union January 9,1788 (5th)

Metes and Bounds

Connecticut consists of approximately 5,567 square miles and is bordered by New York State on the west, Rhode Island on the east, Massachusetts on the north, and by Long Island Sound on the south.