Welcome to the land and soil. We are glad you are here. Reconstruction of our American Government is a vital and monumental task; most importantly, many generations to come will enjoy the results of a prosperous and peace-filled future. We all have different skills, hobbies, interests, and experiences. If you're able and willing to share these gifts with the people of Alaska, we can assist you in finding the perfect committee or elected position you may be interested in, to serve our community. Please take a moment to fill out this questionnaire and to introduce yourself.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to introduce yourself! Our future is being redefined by We The People as a collective, not a corporate hierarchy. Your involvement, dedication and obligation are entirely up to you.

    Our Mission: Our Alaska Assembly is dedicated to the restoration of a complete and fully operational land and soil jurisdiction State and County court system serving the people of Alaska, the preservation of the National Trust, the enforcement of the Public Law, the upholding of the Federal Constitution owed to our State and People, the re-population of our land and soil jurisdiction, the filling of vacated Public Offices, and the reclamation of our material and intellectual public and private assets.