County-Level Contacts

Assembly DirectorCarlos Gonzalez[email protected]
Assembly Co-Director
Recording Secretary
Public NotaryArmondo Gonzalez[email protected]
Constitutional SheriffShaun VanArsdale[email protected]
Deputy Sheriffs
Peacekeeping Militia DirectorShaun VanArsdale[email protected]
Marshal at Arms
Veterans Director


Providers of Government Services Leaders
Vetting Committee
Education Committee
Litigation Committee

County American Common Law Court

Justice of the Peace
Court Clerk
Court Recorder
SheriffShaun VanArsdale[email protected]
Deputy Sheriff
Medical Examiner
Jurors (12)
Arbitration Committee (3 Jurors)

State-Level Contacts

Chairman (Coordinator)Donna Reed[email protected]
Vice Chairman (Co-Coordinator)
State Recording Secretary
State Recorder/Recording SecretaryJean Lucas[email protected]
State NotariesShaun VanArsdale, Carol HartmanShaun: [email protected] Carol: [email protected]
TreasurerCarol Hartman[email protected]
Marshal at ArmsCarlos Gonzalez[email protected]
Peacekeeping Militia Coordinator
Sign In America CoordinatorTerri Ellingson[email protected]

State American Common Law Court

JusticeTerri Ellingson[email protected]
State NotariesShaun VanArsdale, Carol HartmanShaun: [email protected] Carol: [email protected]
Marshal at ArmsCarlos Gonzalez[email protected]
Medical ExaminerMartin Nichols[email protected]
BondsmanDavid Lee[email protected]
ClerkFenya Basargin[email protected]
Court RecorderJean Lucas[email protected]
Jural Assembly Secretary
Jury Foreman & Jurors (12 Jurors)
Arbitration Committee (3 Jurors)

Federal-Level, International (unincorporated)

Continental Marshal for Alaska State
Deputy Chief for Postal Area 9Marco Gonzales[email protected]
Federation-Level Recording SecretaryBrittany Milacki[email protected]